Mission and Vision

Our Vision

A Community that lives within a resilient environment that is aware on Disaster Community Management.


To work together, and engage with partners and other stakeholders, to increase community resilience and reduce disaster risks in the community through education, research, networking and empowerment. 

Our Valves

CTECO believes we can achieve more by working together. By undertaking joint actions and providing mutual support to the vulnerable groups in our communities hence to achieve shared objectives and to reach common goals, focused on sharing core values especially those that bind us together in the GNDR CSOs' Network;

1. Equal rights, equal opportunities and shared responsibilities:

“Our workforce involves Equal rights, opportunities, and shared responsibilities in poverty alleviation;

2. Respect for Human Rights:

“We respect each other. That each Person is Right and Sensible Person, who deserve to be treated with dignity”;

3. Voluntary spirit, Transparency, and Mutual Accountably:

“We volunteer in a transparent and mutual accountability without discrimination, enhance honesty self-esteem, further one’s career, make friendship, learn new skills, help and feel needed by one another”;

4. Family spirit:

“We listen to each other, give credible feedback and understand each other’s needs, work WITH each other, to create a positive influence that eliminates the rise of any doubt and negativity”;

5. Social Partnership:

“We swim or sink together, despite contrasting interests; we strive to organize and recognize them, to meet one realistic negotiation, aimed at building a strong social partnership, determined to succeed per each problematic spheres amidst our community “.